A DOCUMENTARY PROPOSAL / 45 mins / 8th MAY / 6:30 PM
Among the various films made by the renowned filmmaker Mrinal Sen, ‘BhuvanShome’ made in 1969, finance by the Indian Government, was a landmark film for its innovation and experimentation, setting the path for the Parallel Cinema movement in the country. In 2013, Films Division, a Government of India undertaking, decides to make a documentary film on Sen. Officials from the Films Division go to Sen’s house in Kolkata to officially propose a documentary on him. I go along with them.

SAA / 25 min / 8 MAY /7:45 PM
A man sings in the local train in Bombay. Man and woman dance celebrating the Holi festival in the village Salona, in Maharashtra. Ganesh festivals celebrations reach its peak on the streets of Bombay. An exploratory journey seeking one’s own rhythm, through the magnetic flux of rural and urban rhythms.

MERA GAON HAI MUMBAI/ 29 min / 8 MAY / 8:30 PM
Children lodged at the Government remand homes in Chennai, are brought there under various charges. Caught between the boundaries of the states and law, the remand home is a space-in-transit for many of these children. Some of them find their way back home, some find state adoption, but for many it is a journey to nowhere.

Shubhradeep Chakravorty - First Poster

FACE LIKE A MAN / 30 min / 9 MAY / 6:30 PM
Nine painters – Tina, Juretzek, VasudhaThozur, Gieve Patel, Manu Parekh, V.Ramesh, Vashudev, Gargi, Raina, RekhaRodwitiya and Gerhard Schamhorst – with their preoccupations in an Artists camp, held in Chennai. The filmmaker with his own preoccupation strikes a relation.

HINDUSTAN HAMARA / 98 min / 9 MAY / 7:15 PM
This is a visual conversation between me and Anand Patwardhan. The film unfolds a range of poignant perspectives around Anand’s screening events and seems to raise primary questions in documentary film making and representational politics.


BRAHMA VISHNU SHIVA / 19 min / 10 MAY / 6:30 PM
The filmmaker persuades his Japanese sculptor friend, Toshkazu Kanai, to work with sand as the medium, near the waterfront on a beach. The waves lash. Children jump around. Fish gets caught. A balloon girl passes. A film happens, revealing the process of creation, substance and destruction, all happening at the same time.

MY CAMERA AND TSUNAMI / 90 min / 10 MAY / 7:15 PM
It is a memory of a camera which perished in the Tsunami, alongwith the final recorded footage on it. An elusive image, evoking multiple possibilities, seeking parallels and new perspectives.

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